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Default Re: Multiple new vs one new

Originally Posted by ItsRobinson View Post
Calm down, you didn't at one point.

and no @IdonTmiss that's the exact same thing, just more neat in a way.

If you want to use less variables you can use arrays, i.e.

PHP Code:
new PlayerCash[MAX_PLAYERS]; 
This would make a variable that has 999 different, "slots" lets call them.

This means that you can do something like this.

PHP Code:
if(PlayerCash[0] == 0)
SendClientMessage(0, -1"Ha Ha, you're poor.");

That above would check to see what integer is stored to PlayerCash for the "slot" 0 (slot 0 being Player ID 0 on the tab list)

Very basic but you get the idea.

This also does not improve optimisation, again it's just neater.

Variables have such a tiny tiny impact on the server, you shouldn't worry about the amount of variables you're using tbh.

I read on this community at an optimization section that tin array variables are slower.
I do not know for sure whether it's true or not.
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