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Default iTune-Tune any vehicle IG,unseen script

This filterscript allows you to tune any vehicle in game.It is easy and fast.The script allows you to add parts to any vehicle in game and it also saves all tuned parts in a file called Tuning.txt with their positition so you can use them later.I made this just for fun and to help scripters.For now rotation is not available, i will add it in the next update, have fun.
/tuning - Opens the menu with all tuning parts
/etuning x/y/r/done - Choosing where to move the part [Part is moving with keys A and D]or to finish it.When you finish it everything saves in Tuning.txt
/rtuning - Removes all added parts.
/vehicle - Opens the menu with all vehicles so you can spawn one.
/tuningcommands - Shows all commands.
Preview of the menu and how it works
Tuned Huntley
Tuned Sabre
Version 1 -
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