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Default command /admins

Hello. I created a command /admins but it does not work. When there is no admin or moderator shows well, but if someone logs in it does not change the text.
Here is the code:
#pragma unused params
new sadmin[128], admin[128], modek[128], string[256];
for(new i = 0; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++)
if(IsPlayerConnected(i) && IsPlayerAdmin(i))
format(sadmin, sizeof(sadmin), "%s jest obecnie online.", PlayerName(i));
format(sadmin, sizeof(sadmin), "Aktualnie nie ma Super Adminów OnLine");
if(IsPlayerConnected(i) && PlayerInfo[i][IsPlayerAdm]){
format(admin, sizeof(admin), "%s jest obecnie online.", PlayerName(i));
format(admin, sizeof(admin), "Aktualnie nie ma Adminów OnLine");
if(IsPlayerConnected(i) && PlayerInfo[i][IsPlayerMod]){
format(modek, sizeof(modek), "%s jest obecnie online.", PlayerName(i));
format(modek, sizeof(modek), "Aktualnie nie ma Moderatorów OnLine");
format(string,256,"Super Administratorzy:\n %s \n\nAdministratorzy:\n %s \n\nModeratorzy:\n %s", sadmin, admin, modek);
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid,ADMINS,DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX,"Administracja OnLine",string,"Ok","Wyjdz");
return 1;
Please help me
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