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Exclamation AW: SampSharp - Write gamemodes in .NET

I found a bug when receiving a OnDialogResponse and OnPlayerText from the plugin, it seems to only submit the second character of the string when it's not the first player on the server. For example:

- player (0) joins
- player (0) writes "test" -> gamemode receives "test"
- player (1) joins
- player (1) writes "test" -> gamemode receives "e"
- player (0) writes "does it work?" -> gamemode receives "does it work?"
- player (1) writes "no " -> gamemode receives "o"

Further when a player disconnects or something i get exceptions when the Dialog class tries to access the dictionary OpenDialogs with unexisting keys.

Looking forward for fixes, or maybe i'm using it wrong somehow.

Great work there, keep going

Edit: Also, how can i use characters like ,,,,,,,... ?
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