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Default Re: MySQL Registration System [Threaded Queries(R33+) + Whirlpool]

Originally Posted by Tamer T View Post
Hi guys, I got R33 and compiled it without editing the code on the tutorial, when I try to load the plugin, I get this error:

[13:36:48] Could not connect to database!
[13:36:48] Script[gamemodes/mysqlbase.amx]: Run time error 20: "Invalid index parameter (bad entry point)"

I'm about the go mad, because I couldn't get this fixed in a week. I am really bored of trying.
pawn Code:
main() {}

Just googling the run time error or using the search button, you'd have found the solution in 10 seconds rather than waiting for a week to find out what's the problem.

@PowerPC603: We're talking about creating tables within the script only, not records. Even if that, would you insert those stuff again and again after a server start/restart? That'd be pointless. You can insert many records by executing only once by separating them with a semicolon (;).
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