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Default Re: MySQL Registration System [Threaded Queries(R33+) + Whirlpool]

I found a bug. When you register and quit, your stats are not saved. To re-produce the bug follow these steps:

Copy the whole tutorial code,

Add this command to the script:
pawn Code:
    pInfo[playerid][Admin] = 8;
        pInfo[playerid][VIP] = 8;
        pInfo[playerid][Money] = 8;
        return 1;

compile it, open the server, make sure all MySQL databases are running and it connected.

Register to the server and execute the /statson command, then quit the server. Check your MySQL databases, the info's will not be updated. However, the user will be registered.

Then, re-join to the server (make sure you are registered) you will have a login window, which is normal. Now execute the /statson command and quit. Now your stats will be saved.

This is pretty annoying. Stats should save as soon as the player registers. It should not wait for the player to re-connect.
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