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Default Re: [FS] tAxI's Vehicle Streamer [v0.1] - add unlimited vehicle spawns!!!

i dont know...

never tried and probs never will as im not a great fan of the GF script...i know everyone says its great but its not the only bloody script out there ppl lol and besides the gf script probs creates and destroys vehicle at some points mid script as well which will mean theres a few random vhicles hanging around which won't be registered on the streaming system

ok look im not gonna waste anymore of my time trying to make my scripts work with GF or PEN1 as to be honest they are very good when used as they are but ppl keep trying to modify which point u find that if u deviate from the designed script functions it screws it and the script gets tedious and annoyingly complicated

as i said...great code as it stands but for learning from or modding...absolutely useless, specially if u dont know a great deal about coding

ppl start small and work ur own modes or use other modes as they stand at first, then when u get more advanced coding skills (the only way to learn is to do it, not just look at other scripts and change a few lines) u can start to make those more advanced scripts do ur every little whim or indeed just design ur own customised script :P

basically i would think that the GF script is probs compatible with this but i cant confirm or deny that...NOTE that as with all scripts ive made that ppl try to integrate with GF or PEN1, anything that makes reference to specific vehicle id's in the gf and pen1 scripts will have to be altered to run off of modelid's instead and if this doesnt suit ur uses then im fraid ur screwed for those wee bits of the code :P the reason for this is that because the vehicles are 100% dynamic in the FS then the vehicle id's are almost continuously changing
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