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Default Re: samp-precise-timers ⌚: A timer plugin written in the memory-safe Rust language. Check it out, you might like Rust!

Originally Posted by Chaprnks View Post
Do you know if this is compatible with y_timers?
Yeah, it is fully compatible with y_timers. The plugin defines two new natives:
    # SetPreciseTimer returns timer_number, or 0 on failure.
        interval: miliseconds before the callback is triggered.
        repeat:  true/false. If false, the callback will only be called once.

    # Examples:
    new array[2] = {42,2}; SetPreciseTimer("AfterFiveSecs",5000,false,"dsaA",playerid,"world",array,sizeof(array));
native SetPreciseTimer(const callback_name[], const interval, const repeat, const types_of_arguments[]="", {Float,_}:...);

    Returns 1 if the timer existed or 0 on failure.
native DeletePreciseTimer(const timer_number);
The argument syntax is compatible with SetTimerEx.

Originally Posted by Mobtiesgangsa View Post
Great respect for u polish developers for presenting such a unique plugin, as soon as reach my destination I might give a try, BTW great introduction of your release +rep:
Thank you. I tried to make the code easy to understand. Give it a go, I would love to get some feedback 😊
Ex-SA-MP beta tester 😉
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