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Default [SARP] San Andreas Roleplay - Hacking issue/Complaint

Alright, first off all, I have no idea if this is the correct section to post a issue like this. I'm Sammy Osborn, Head Administrator of the San Andreas Roleplay Community. We've lately had another server getting in to our Control Pannel or RCON, even if we change the RCON password and the Control Pannel password. ServerFFS doesn't really want to help us as their live-support is for sales questions only. Now, I don't know if you can help us with this issue but the other issue is that they're using our name and their changing our server name in to their IP (Moved to IP adress: TheirIP) and that way they attempt to hijack our community. They're not on the hosted tab and I have no idea why they're doing this, we can get the server running again but they close it down shortly after that and change our name again,

This is their information:
Name: San Andreas Roleplay

Now, this is the real San Andreas Roleplay community, that I am coming from, and our IP-Adress is The server owner are having issues getting on SA-MP forums due to school have blocked sites like this, therefore I'm writing this for him.

Solution I'm Seeking
We've had this issue before, an other big community overthrown the old owners of their community that was the founders of San Andreas Roleplay, and they refused to change it and the owner filled a complaint to Kye and we had them removed from the Hosted Tab and the Internet Tab till they changed their name, I want something like this to happen to the other server as-well, they have no right to do this.

Thank you,
Sammy Osborn

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