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Default Color Embled Fix (only for Thai Language)

Color Embled Fix

I used two days to develop this plugin however it has some bugs and canít work. This was my first time to develop a plugin on c++. Thai language has tone marks/vowels for example "อ้า อี่ อู่", but in other languages, this becomes useless, and the plugin canít work. I believe SAMP staff will agree that we donít have a good community in Thai to assist us. Our forum looks like "Free system /Asura kills everyone in the server" or "Help me how to make gang/faction on GF game mode" 90% SAMP owned server in Thailand use Godfather Game mode (FeaR) to edit and sell.

Edit: Now It work perfectly, In conclusion, the problem of the Thai alphabet is mixed with the tonal, resulting in a shorter text length for the display. So colors are created according to the size of the original text. It can not be used with Thai characters mixed with tonal.
  • Suppose 'A' is a normal character like
  • Suppose 'B' is a vowel/tone character like

  • Suppose 'C' = A+B
    If next to 'A' are 'B' they will display like this

simple color embled in English
{00FF00}JKL{FF0000}P: count 4 character, color start after 'L' (index 10) = index 11
Display: JKLP

simple color embled in Thai
{00FF00}AAB{FF0000}A: count 4 character, color start after 'B' (index 10) = index 11 << But not like this...
When display It will be: {00FF00}ACA{FF0000}: count 4 also but vowel/tone will merge to normal character, color start after index 11
Display: ACA
{00FF00}ACA{FF0000} << Here!! red color will disappear.
(My plugin will left shift color embled for 1 step per total vowel found before current embled tag to fix this. example AC{FF0000}A will display correct color like ACA)



If I replace all vowel to other normal character, Text will show normally because some vowel (TH lang) will merge with nearby character. Ex.

Embed color will show not correctly on their position.


If possible, I would like you to create this or revise it.... (I don't know this call bug or something...)

Issue thread:


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