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Default Re: SA-MP forum password phishing attempt?

Originally Posted by Kapersky™ View Post

Well; after thinking. I got to a conclusion, it's just 'proxy', and I don't think, it's a "Password phishing attempt" not sure though, but I guess. I tried to login there, and I successfully logged-in there, I even replied a topic from there. After 5 mins, I changed my password (Security measures). Nothing was suspicious. Ultimately, that site is useful for ban evaders, who wants to evade ban, that's a special 'proxy' for SA-MP forums. Just to help ban evaders.
You know, instead of using such a proxy, someone can just clear their autofill forms and cache. And bam, they can enter the side. Easy, no?

OP: Well, this is a strange case. The website's owner should get a SSL certificate, as it will let a person know when accessing a non-SSL site and which can be easy to detect so. Other than that, using this isn't some kind of 'phishing' attempt, I guess. It's only a proxy linking to a site, which isn't harmful. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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