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Default Re: [0.3a] Temporary fix for crashing on load (80% ish) for Windows 7 users

Originally Posted by Shoie13 View Post

I have no mods, I've reinstalled SAMP and GTASA several times, I've tried renaming the directories, I've deleted the gta set file, I don't have any of the mentioned .dll's, I've run it as administrator, run it in compatibility mode for every other version of Windows, and set the user permissions all up to Administrator, tried running it without visual themes, have used both the 02 and 03 client versions, and probably a few other things I can't remember yet SAMP still crashes at 80% with this error. Anything else?

Running Vista Ultimate 64-bit, Radeon 4870HD, Phenom 9850 2.5ghz Quad, 4GB DDR2.
I think you need to upgrade your .net framework. may be it will help.
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