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Default GPS System with Arrows on road.

Cheers Mates,

Thank God....
Today i am here with something a system i searched for very long on forums, but unfortunately i could not find it.
so i have scripted it and it was 95% what i have planned. rest 5% it has some drawbacks and will be discussed here..


Well , This System is now currently being used by a famous CnR Server and it has been very popular and many have requested this type of Gps System. i had made/scripted this for my server, so if any bugs has been found i will be fixing it.

About the Gps System

Its designed currently with cordinate command. you can enter a cordinate by using command /findpath (x,y,z) and the arrows will appear on roads and you will have to just follow it and it will till there you reached your destination node. this System required Modern Gps Plugin. the system also detects if there is a route change. its also easy to just add new cordinates to it.


Files Required

The File :
Modern Gps Plugin :

Credits :
The entire Samp Team
Kristoisberg for his gps plugin
The Server scripters from whom i have adopted this idea.
Zeex for Zcmd.

No Bugs Has been Found. please reply if any...


*If its a Bridge or flyover. the gps systems keeps changing the routes.

Off TOpic

* i am still a learner in scripting. so if i can improve my code in a better way please let me know. i will take it as a compliment and i will correct it in future..

Mirrors are allowed.....

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