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Default Invisible object has a Silhouette in interiors problem

I'm trying to create a dummy object but i have to place it in a interior and it shows a silhouette. This happens with all the other objects. It doesn't happen if it's not created in interiors.
	new col_object;
	col_object = CreateDynamicObject(2690, 2069.56763, -1728.48706, 13.84051, 0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000, -1, 2);
	SetDynamicObjectMaterial(col_object, 0, 0, "none", "none", 0); //tried hex 0x00000000 too, didn't work.
There's literally nothing wrong with my code so if somebody could help me out i'd appreciate it, this is a weird bug. I even tried using non-dynamic object, same result.
Changing the time/weather didn't work either.
Interior ID in the photo is 2, the object's interior id was also 2.
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