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Originally Posted by Chaprnks View Post
This is a great attempt at combating the mapping issues, as loading them into the gamemode as an include is very inefficient. Loading it as a filterscript also has issues itself. I wonder if this works in a similar way to SSMM does. Also, is there a linux server plugin also, or is this strictly limited to windows servers only?
Hi, there is no plugin, you only need to include the .inc file, as the library for Pawn is fully written in Pawn.
There is an optional C# support for users of SampSharp, these DLLs are not sa-mp plugins but libraries to link to in a SampSharp project.

This project is not as advanced as SSMM, and does only provide the advantage of not needing to recompile your script when maps are changed. My workflow in using it is to create maps with a map editor, exporting them as pawn files, then dragging them on the converter, where they become .sml files, and then adding them to the scriptfiles folder, where I can then load them programmatically using LoadMap() in the script.
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