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Default Re: Help with plugin development in linux

Now it compiles after I defined LINUX (actually it also required -m32 flag when compiling). But when server tries to load plugin, it says this:

[16:58:39] Server Plugins
[16:58:39] --------------
[16:58:39]  Loading plugin:
[16:58:39]   Failed (plugins/ undefined symbol: pAMXFunctions)
[16:58:39]  Loaded 0 plugins.
EDIT: Got it working, if someone have same problem, use these lines to compile and link everything:
g++ -m32 -c -fPIC -DLINUX -std=c++0x plugin.cpp
g++ -m32 -c -fPIC -DLINUX SDK/*.cpp
gcc -m32 -c -fPIC -DLINUX SDK/amx/*.c
g++ -m32 -O2 -fshort-wchar -shared -o *.o

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