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Default Re: Y_INI annoyin' issue

Well jatoch, it keep giving me a annoying and senseless error...
pawn Code:
   #pragma unused params
   Msg(playerid, color, ""#red"logged variable "#green" reseted");
   new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];GetPlayerName(playerid,name,sizeof(name));
   INI_Load(PLAYER, playerid, true);
   return 1;
INI:playerfile[](playerid, name[], value[])
   return 0;

 error 017: undefined symbol "INI_String"
I tested other cases with INI Loading and works, except this one: INI_String. I checked the inc and has this function. Also tried with normal arrays, and did work. Except for:
pawn Code:
PlayerInfo[playerid][Name] // I have defined

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