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Default Re: Visual Studio Code - Updated Pawn Tools for vscode

Originally Posted by pawnoholic View Post
Problem Matcher don't opened included files, bad file address.

Please, fix and update your task.json code.


PHP Code:
"fileLocation": [ "relative""${workspaceRoot}"
Unfortunately this is not trivial to fix (I fixed it in sampctl by making all paths absolute).

Errors in your main file are relative paths but errors in included paths are absolute. This is just a problem with the Pawn compiler and if anyone has a way to make all paths come out normalised to absolute, that would be great!

Otherwise, you'll need to choose either `absolute` or `relative` depending on where your errors appear most often. If you use a modular gamemode and your main script entry point is quite minimal, this would be easier.

Alternatively, check out sampctl which fixes this and a ton of other problems with the Pawn build toolchain.



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