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Default Re: newline GameTextForPlayer not work

Originally Posted by binnyl View Post
The code u post is exactly like mine but u put a ~n~ creating 5 lines instead of 2

i want this:
Mission Passed!
+30 exp +20 criminal +5 cop +300000$

just like i tried to do

the problem is this second line: +30 exp +20 criminal +5 cop +300000$
is not showing and idk why
had to test it to make it work,

try this now

PHP Code:
        if(reward_exp && reward_criminal && reward_cop && reward_money 0)
format(str2sizeof(str2), "~y~mission passed!~n~ ~w~+%i exp, ~w~+%i criminal, ~w~+%i cop, ~w~+%i$"reward_exp reward_criminalreward_copreward_money);
strcat(final, str);
GameTextForPlayer(playerid,final, 30003);
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