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Default Re: Weird Lag on Windows 10 / Volume Control Fix

I used to have similar problems. What I did is by reinstalling all my laptop device drivers, due to the fact that Windows 10 Updates messed up my device drivers (which is a known major issue in Windows 10 affecting a lot of PCs: and caused lags although I have a good laptop specs.

I have a lot of friends who encountered the same problem in Windows 10, and these solutions that I will share to you will hopefully fix yours. It will improve your overall pc performance, stability and most of your problems.

First and foremost, DO NOT use ANY automatic driver updater softwares, although is it from reputable companies. Don't even trust Windows 10 automatic device driver updates. Grab OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) drivers. For instance, if you have an Acer laptop like me, go to Acer's website. Make sure the website is based on your region (important!). Then look up your device drivers based on your PC's model. This is mine, which is based on my country/region (Malaysia). Download all the relevant device drivers then install them accordingly. It is highly suggested that you install Chipset Driver beforehand, then proceed installing the other drivers.

Fun fact: I applied the same solutions few days ago on my friend's PC, had a very huge performance boost and stability. It also fixed his keyboard issue that he has been facing for two years!

Other solution is perhaps you could try installing SA-MP Addon (a quick ****** Search will do)
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