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Default Re: [WATCH] Looking for help(?)

Originally Posted by Niixie View Post
Hello all here on the SA-MP forum.

Right now im in the situation that I don't wanna script alone, or it gets boring quick and its alot of work. So, if you wanna script with me for free, but as in what we make is shared to us both in 50/50.

If your timezone is to far away from Europe, then you're not the one im looking for I need one from Europe so we can talk together, and so one of us doesnt need to stay up till late so we can talk.

If you're bad at scripting, then you're the wrong one for me too. I dont wanna train anyone. and since the server probably will be in MYSQL, if the "partner" i get knows anything about that.
Are you the one im looking for? Send me a PM, and we can work some out
i think you will be not find good scripter for free, i dont wanna to you buy me for scripting and i dont want to scipt you for free

Originally Posted by Niixie View Post
The server theres gonna be made, can be DM, can be TDM, can be FreeRoam, Can be almost anything.
But not Roleplay! - I dont wanna script another roleplay server when theres 1000 roleplay servers out. Yes theres alot of DM servers too, but Roleplay servers is big. And a DM can be too, but there you can make a small dm script and just work on it.
I have a few ideas myself, and you have some too i guess. If we mix them together or not, then i think we can work something out
If the server is gonna be launched, bills will be shared 50/50 just as the rights to the script.

Are you the one im looking for? Send me a PM, and we can work some out
this is only one dm server roleplay have many, if you want to have dm more buy 100 hosts and its completed
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