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Default Re: Selling/Buying, Maps/Scripts? Is it legal?

Originally Posted by ****** View Post
Firstly, you used that idiom wrong, but that's a minor point. It isn't one rule for some and another rule for others. The answer to all your questions is the same - licensing. I've already explained this once, but since you apparently can't read:

The default includes have no paid licensing agreement, therefore no provision for using them in a paid script. It doesn't matter what the licenses for everything else are as long as you are using them. Bootstrap, or anything else, likely does have provisions for selling code based on them. Your ask why can't I sell this code that I sweated to create, the answer is because it includes code someone else sweated to create. How would that be fair?

And you can't monetise the server, or, to put it another way, you can't sell the server (which contains the pawn includes). All those things you are complaining about - hosted tab listings, VIP packages, scripting services, are not selling the server (and since the server isn't the client it isn't a mod). You are welcome to find other ways to make money, no-one ever said otherwise.

Literally every argument is "why can't we do this, these people are doing these totally unrelated things?"
I appreciate the straight forward reply to what would be a general debate and thanks for clearing that up but I can't help but notice the passive-aggressiveness seeping past the context of this post. It seems in almost every post you create it draws an impression in that you're talking down to people while schooling them. Might just be a thing people do when they threat a ragequit for the nth time and walk away with beta tester.
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