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Default Re: Nex-AC - Anticheat system

Originally Posted by Uberanwar View Post
Any ideas? Upon spawn, my players are detected as teleport hacking. I believe it is because that I called spawn function twice upon character load?

SetSpawnInfo(extraid, 0, PlayerData[extraid][pSkin], PlayerData[extraid][pPosX], PlayerData[extraid][pPosZ], PlayerData[extraid][pPosY], PlayerData[extraid][pPosA], 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);
Then, I also have this function called @ OnPlayerSpawn.

SetPlayerCompensatedPos(playerid, PlayerData[playerid][pPosX], PlayerData[playerid][pPosY], PlayerData[playerid][pPosZ], PlayerData[playerid][pWorld], PlayerData[playerid][pInterior]);

I use ( so that is why I have to do such workaround.
Try to reproduce this problem in a blank gamemode with and your spawn code. If the problem is reproduced, turn it off and check again to see whether the problem disappears without its presence. If it is, then you'll have to find some other workaround than to use this include or such code with it.

Originally Posted by Uberanwar View Post
On the other hand, there seems to be a problem with the teleport hack (vehicle to player) detection.
When players approach a custom map with vehicles placed on it, they are detected of it.
The logs show that the player has packet loss of more than 3% and perhaps this is the reason. Do players with lower packet loss have the similar problem?

Originally Posted by Uberanwar View Post
And lastly, I got another question, does Nex-AC have a desync checker to prevent false punishments? I might consider banning players on certain cheats, what is your advise on this?
Yes, there is a certain threshold in the anticheat settings at which not very high deviations in different behavior of players are ignored and accepted as lags or something alike, but if you want to ban automatically for any cheats, you definitely shouldn’t do it. No matter how reliable the automatic detection algorithm is, all blocking players must be checked by administrators as real people (in case of ban). I doubt that in case of some false detection the player will be able to provide a video with his actions before the ban in order to prove his innocence (unlike the situation with a kick, which he can repeat doing the same things), so the consideration of such complaints will be a difficult task.
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