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Default Bone County Roleplay

Bone County Roleplay
PLEASE NOTE: This is a gamemode I started back in 2011, scratched and released: now I'm slowly beginning to re-do it in my spare time. I would much prefer someone to learn from this and be able to continue and finish it them self. This gamemode was started from scratch.

Warning: this script is not for beginners.
Unfinished gamemode, I'm updating it and adding new things every now and then but I'd rather release a half done project and allow other's to finish it them self. Basic registration and login, housing system, administration, basic roleplay commands. Helper system where a new player can type "/ask [question]" which will be sent to all online helpers, then they can answer the question which will display for everyone via the command "/n". Helpers, developers and administrators each have their own private chat. Administrators can spectate players as well. Few other extra little things you may find by going through the script.

Recent updates:
Added the Taxi Job, so only people with the Taxi Job can drive Taxis and Cabs.

New Download:
Bone County.rar

Mirrors welcome.

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