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Default Re: Script Request Thread #6

i'm looking for a /togtext to turn it on.

and the off one to

SendAdminText(playerid, command[], text[])
    new Name[24], Msg[128];
    GetPlayerName(playerid, Name, sizeof(Name));
    format(Msg, sizeof(Msg), "%s used: %s %s", Name, command, text);
    for(new i = 0; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++)
            if(APlayerData[i][PlayerLevel] > 6)
                SendClientMessage(i, 0xC9C9C9FF, Msg);
    printf("%s used: %s %s", Name, command, text);
    return 1;
Working on a Trucking Server from scratch.
There are cool features, like /workmenu /convoy /pay(When Police Officer asked you for a fine) and more etc.
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