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Default Re: Script Request Thread #6

Originally Posted by Red_Dragon. View Post
I can't fully understand you as I am not a professional in MySQL, but what variable/enum structure do you need ?
Can't it be done within the table "accounts" (that stores the players' accounts). Thank you for the other one !
The table is where the data is stored, but I don't know the table structure. So, I couldn't give you working loading code. I can give you the query to GET the information, but you'll need to do the loading for yourself...

It would be:

pawn Code:
"SELECT * FROM `accounts` WHERE `username` = '%s'"
Obviously you'll have to put that into a format line so you can replace the %s with a username during runtime. Also, if "username" isn't a valid field in your table, change it to whatever is the valid field to store someone's username.
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