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Default Nex-AC Pickup Kick Problem

my gamemode nex-ac installed(latest version), I logged in to the server, i went to a pickup and He threw me out of the game.Nex-AC Reason: (Teleport Hacks - Pickups)


My Server Log:
[16:07:32] [Nex-AC debug] Pickupid: 15, dist: 3084.770996, dist set: 0.000000, acSet[8]: -1, playerid: 0
[16:07:32] [Nex-AC] player ID 0. reason: 006 (1)
[16:07:32] [part] BrainDamaged has left the server (0:2)
How can I solve this problem? why is it doing that ? thanks in advance for helpers.

Note: My bad english sorry
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