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See how all these lines have something in front of '[playerid]':
//sobcheck[playerid] = false;

Szoliban[playerid] = 0;

frekvencia[playerid] = 0;

AdminSzoliban[playerid] = 0;

meloxon[playerid] = 0;

tulsokkaja[playerid] = 0;

ehes[playerid] = 0;

ipban[playerid] = 0;

ModeratorSzoliban[playerid] = 0;
Line 4129:
[playerid] = 0;
That line gives you error since '[playerid]' isn't defined variable and isn't doing anything in your code either so just delete the line and it'll be fine.

If you didn't touch anything in script before that error just delete it, if you did tho there's a chance you deleted the name of variable that was supposed to go there, so if you did i can't help you there, the only solution I got for you right now is to delete line 4129.
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