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Default Dynamic Gang System v1.3 (UPDATE-Fire Department)

Dynamic Gang System
With this system you can create gangs,cars and some other things in game

Pickup and label for enter in int(create in game):

When you enter in vehicle like rcon admin:

If you are not member of the gang it will forbid access to vehicle and show you name of the corresponding gang:

Command / makeleader when is typed lists all current gangs that exist and their names and ID:

/f chat for gang:

Cmd /orghelp,explain all the commands, for they serve and all necessary:

Dialogs for edit:

Update 1.1
-Now you can allow/disallow some commands for gangs like /r,/d,/f chat and Hitman commands like /laptop,/givetarget and /targets
-Added command /contract
-Some bug fixes

Update 1.2
-Now you can allow/disallow PD commands like /arrest,/cuff,/uncuff,/su,/pu,/radar,/removeradar,/wanted and /ticket
-Taser gun
-Added in dialog Coordinates: place for arrest,place where player spawn when he is arrested and place to pick up weapons and taser for PD
-Some bug fixes and changes of colors

Pickup for PD weapons:


Cmd /su:

When you arrest someone:

Cmd /wanted:

Update 1.3
-Now you can allow/disallow FD commands like /flocate,/fireext
-You create fire folder with command /createfire
-You edit location of fire objects with /editfire
-Fire start every 10 minutes
-Added in dialog Coordinates: Location of fire extinguisher
-You putting out fire with fire truck or fire extinguisher
-In Scripfiles in folder Gangs CREATE folder Fire!


In rar file you have ReadMe!


If you see bug,PM me or post here.

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