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Default Re: Q: Practices for the best server administration possible?

I do not recommend to log admin commands to check if your staff is abusing or not. As soon as they know that, there will no longer be the same loyality between you and them.

1) Experience
Be sure that your new staff member got enough experience. This not means that he need to know every godfather admin command. It simply means that he can answer simple questions about GTA SA and SA-MP. Server-side & client side. Your admins should have technical base knowledge and understand the difference between client and server mistakes.

2) Experience about your project
Knowing your community, knowing your gamemode, teamspeak and forums software. And also: knowing thier and your mistakes and how to fix them both! I would never create a server with random guys from the internet!

3) Think for your community
A pretty good friend was a supporter for more than 3 years (2013 - 2016). He never asked for a higher rank, he never made mistakes without saying sorry and fixing them. He wa pretty good, damn... pretty good! But, only as supporter. He didnt knew the database software we were working with, the panel we used to control user accounts, the entrys we made to know what's next and so on. He firstly started looking behind the scences at the beginning of 2016. He learned verry fast. In the middle of 2016 we had a problem with massive ddos attacks. He asked for the iptables. I never heard this word from him before. I told him to set it up and he did. Darling... welcome as an Administrator!

What i realy want to say is, do never take guys you dont trust and who do not know your community. Also only give ranks if they are experienced enough, even if they need to wait 1 billion years.

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