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Default Help with vehicleid

for(new i=0; i<sizeof(KraftstoffCars); i++)
			if(vID == KraftstoffCars[i][kID])
				if(GetVehicleModel(GetVehicleTrailer(vID)) == 584)
					tInfo[tID[playerid]][tFuelStand] = 100;
					SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_YELLOW, "You filled the gas pump.");
					GameTextForPlayer(playerid, "~g~PAYDAY +1500 $", 2000, 6);
					pInfo[playerid][payday] += 1500;
					return 1;
				return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "Your Truck doesn't have the right Trailer.");
		    return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "You are not sitting in an Job-Truck");

My question is, how do i make it, so when i am not in an Job Tuck, i am getting a message, that i am not in a job truck? For me it just says it for every other truck, but the first one ist working
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