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Default Re: Reload vehicle sql

Originally Posted by EAGLE View Post
Hello, when I use my command "/v stats" on my vehicle create with "/v add" I don't have a return with stats.

But when I reboot my server, "/v stats" is work

I think I have a problem with reload vehicle after create a new vehicle, but I don't know how make

And if I need to reboot my server every time I create a new vehicle, it's annoying

Create Vehicle function
So if I understand correctly, there's only an issue when an admin spawns a vehicle with some sort of command? Players have no issues with vehicles themselves because they cannot spawn it? If I misunderstand, please explain!

It would be helpful with some code of what /v stats look like. It would also be nice to see the lines from where callback SQL_CallVehicleCreate(playerid, model, Float, Float:y, Float:z, Float:a, color1, color2) is called from.

The thing is, we can't really know how you retrieve the /v stats. Is it fetched from the DB directly when you do /vstats, or have you already fetched the data to memory?
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