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Default Re: Reload vehicle sql

How come you access the vehicle info array with vInfo[vehicleId]][], but you also have vId? I think you could stick with just the vehicle ID for its inde, and get rid of the vInfo[vid][vID]?
 new vehicleid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);
Also, why are you looping through the max vehicles? I believe the issue is that when the vehicle is spawned, it might get a different vehicle ID from what you've used.
            new vehicle = CreateVehicle(model, x, y, z, a, color1, color2, -1);
                if (vehicle != INVALID_VEHICLE_ID)
                    vInfo[vehicle][vDbId] = id;
                    vInfo[vehicle][vLocked] = false;
                    // set variables
You can apply this to Chargement_Vehicules as well. Only start changing the car data once you have spawned the vehicle, to ensure that you always have the correct vehicle id as your vInfo index.
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