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Don't you thing there is better hashing algorithm then this ? (Whirlpool)
Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post
This my site, so I get to decide what links are allowed. utube and 1e100 are no longer part of my web of trust.

The internet is more important to me than sa-mp. You don't get sa-mp without the internet.
Originally Posted by [Twixx] View Post
That's kind of hypocritical of you to say. Sure you own the website, but it's not your personal blog or something - it's a community driven forum. The community should be the primary focus, not your personal agendas. Just like you don't get SA-MP without internet, you don't get SA-MP forums without community.

Just wiping out years worth of people's work and creations posted on that board because a bunch of people bypassed your Tube ban is absurd.
Originally Posted by Mauzen View Post
"tube sucks cause they delete 6 years old videos for no reason!"

*deletes every single video ever posted here in 12 years*
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