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Default Re: [DP] Project Shoebill Milestone2 - SA-MP Java Development Kit - SNAPSHOT

Originally Posted by ikkentim View Post
Same response from me as on the .NET sa-mp coding.

It can't trigger custom natives(plugins, etc) properly.
Im 99% sure it can't be efficient.
However, since I think it is unnecessary, Shoebill doesn't provide the support of accessing AMX now.
If I implement the feature of accessing AMX in Shoebill, it seems like this:

AmxFunction func = amxInstance.getNative("print");
int ret ="test");
// ...
amxInstance.registerNative("SendClientMessageWithShoebill", func);

As a consequence, though Shoebill doesn't provide this feature (maybe never), it can be implemented if I want.
What's more, You can also make a native plugin and call the native / public functions you need in it, and then provide Java Plugin the native methods by JNI.

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