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Default Re: Can someone help me adding objects

Originally Posted by Schneider View Post
What you could do is use the replace-text function of Pawno. (It's the button left of the compile-button, the one with the A-->B.

- Select all the CreateDynamicObject-lines you want to edit.
- Press the replace-text button
- Check the 'selected text only' box
- At "search for" enter:
pawn Code:
- At "Replace with" enter:
pawn Code:
, -1, -1, -1, 200.0, 0.0);
Originally Posted by Samieastwood View Post
can i also use that for createobject ? or is it only for createdynamicobject?
Only dynamic.

Originally Posted by Samieastwood View Post
number of arguments does not match definition
We cant see your code..

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