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Default Make system create and destroy variables automatically

Hi everyone.
My question involves the very basics of PAWN (I guess).

The thing is that I have created a system which is letting admins to read players' private messages (selectively), but currently I have limited it to 2 players. When an admin enters the first player id, their variable 'readpm' gets equal to this player's id. When they enter the second player id, their variable 'readpm2' gets equal to the second player's id.
Of course, when an admin already has both variables, they're replacing for them further and they're removing when they enter the same variables.

That is how my system's working.

But is it possible to somehow create a system which would let admins read unlimited number of players' PM's?
I mean, without manual assigning new variables for each player being read by admin in the source code.

So, reformulating my question, I mean is there a way to make system create variables automatically and then destroy them when not needed?
Or am I limited to the conception I described above?

Thank you in advance.

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