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Default Re: [0.3a] Critical bug -> Crashing on load, around 80%

Originally Posted by fluffy373
OS: Windows Vista™ Home Premium
Amount of RAM:2942MB
GTA SA install dir: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas
Clean install of GTA or not: Torrent
Does 0.2x work: Yes, no problems
Does 0.3a work: every time client is not responding

my client dosnt respond i dont know if its the same problem but idk i cant play any samp servers now

Originally Posted by Mastermarine911
Hey guys, first post here.

Installing GTA on Windows 7. Nothing else important.

Running as admin I get

Error opening file for writing:C:\blahblahblah\GTA San Andreas\Samp.dll. Abort, retry, ignore?

Click ignore, Error opening file for writing, C:\Windows\System 32\d3dx9_25.dll

Then it finishes successfully, not.

And yes,I get the same crash as everyone else here.

BTW, just tried deleting the files mentioned, and reinstalling it, NO error, but it still crashes.
This is for a bug where Windows 7 users crash when loading at around 80%, not your problems. I suggest you make your own topics to get more info, as they're unrelated tho this (well the first one might be related, but I haven't gotten any of that stuff you were on about).
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