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Default Re: [FS] tAxI's Vehicle Streamer - add unlimited vehicle spawns!!!

Originally Posted by [LSB
X_Cutter ]
I guess it's gonna be laggy as creating vehicles every time someone passes nearby...Lol. Nice script BTW
well i thought it might be but i dunno...i tried it with a script where i went past a bank of 12 bikes and they spawned with no lag or delay

i dunno what server load it causes etc but this is purely an experiment as i was curious about if it could be done...and heres the result lol

I'm a little worried that it only took an hour from concept to finished article though...theres probs some disastrous bug somewhere lurking in it till we think its safe to use then BAM! byebye

ill also say that that was pure speculation and im pretty sure this is bugfree...although im not notorious for my non-buggy 1st attempt scripting lol :P

EDIT:also actually its not if anyone is just passing by...if somebody passes the spawnpoint and another person also comes by at same time the vehicle will simply do nothing but sit there...if it has already spawned its not able to spawn again untill its either destroyed or nobody uses it and the players all go out of range at which oint it will deactivate untill someone comes within 100m of the point again
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