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Originally Posted by Nate_Carter View Post
Ahh, forgot about that, to start cars engine hit '2', and about LSPD, All Gang/Faction HQs are based on business script, LSPD should be ID1. I think I know how to get it back, go to the place where should be LSPD HQ, then /editbiz id 1, after that /editbiz exterior,It should be done. And if the int is gone get LSPD int coords from ******, then /gotoint ID Coords and /editbiz interior, and you're done.
Oh really? I have to press 2? What a shit I didn't knew that since I scripted it.
You will regret this moron, I promise.

And FYI: I will check your SA-MP usernames for servers, I will join...if I found this gm or ANY part if it on your server, just think you will never have a SA-MP server anymore. I'm Andy, and people who knows who I am...also knows what I can do so, don't risk your shitty server and remove this stuff.
Also, if I see this posted again by someone who downloaded it, I'm gonna do the same shit...he will never have a SA-MP server up again.

Respectfully, Andy.
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