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Default Re: - collection of player-based functions (ForPlayer analogues)

Originally Posted by ShadowMortar View Post
Keep up the effort, awesome, but if you could give me one example where this can be useful?
Well, using SetPlayerTeamForPlayer, for example, you can block damage only for the second player (and first player will still be able to give damage to the second player), some kind of one-sided godmode where you have immunity from others' damage but you can damage others. SetPlayerSkinForPlayer and SetPlayerNameForPlayer brings the ability to fake your skin and name for specific players if you have jobs like hitmans on your server. With SetPlayerChatBubbleForPlayer you can make private messages also shown above player's head if you see him, just like regular RP chat messages. SetPlayerGravity gives an ability to make custom vehicle handling (or something similar that could be called "custom vehicle handling" done on the server side). These are the simplest ideas that first crossed my mind.
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