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Default DCC V2 - Discord Command Control

DCC V2 - Discord Command Control

Based from Innocent

I remodeled all of this with the new function of discord connector 0.3.2 and it worked.

How To Use?
Still Same With DCC
OnDCCommandPerformed(args[], success)
SendDC(channel[], const fmat[], va_args<>)
Add this before include dcc2
#define DISCORD_CHANNEL_ID "You Admin Channel Place"
#define DISCORD_PREFIX " Your Prefix "
#include <dcc2>
for Adding Command and SendDC Callback you can read at HERE.
Discord Connector Plugin - This
YSI/y_ya This
sscanf2 plugin This

Discord Command Manager 2
I did not delete the property rights because I knew this was not made by me.
Thanks To Inn0cent

That is perfectly fine, I'm just pointing out where you made mistakes what does hearing "good job" get you? Absolutely nothing. You need to hear the problems otherwise you'll keep making the same mistakes [/QUOTE]

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