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Default Re: Ultimate Creator - object, vehicle, actor editor (and more)

Originally Posted by Reboma View Post
Another idea:
- Can you add an option to the settings to show the possible keyboard shortcuts in a textdraw? (Because alt+tabbing is crash my game sometimes)
This is a good idea. It seems that many people find it difficult to quickly get used to some keyboard shortcuts, so most likely in the next version all the shortcut keys will be displayed in the help dialog

Originally Posted by Reboma View Post
- Can you add an option to edit map without flymode?
One of the main concept of this script is to completely get rid of the use of commands (as you can see, there is only one command to enter flymode) in favor of using dialogs. If I enable player to change the map without entering flymode, then there will be a number of some difficulties:
1. Necessity to duplicate the call of some existing actions through the commands
2. The moving engine of objects (especially on the "arrows" or "w, a, s, d") will create additional undesirable actions for the player, because for example ped running usually set for the same keys

Perhaps something will be done in the future, but for now I see the best option for editing the map only in flymode..
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