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Default Re: Is any of the old peeps around?

Coming back time to time, I think I have replied to this thread before but eh? Flexing in a weird way.

I joined way way back in late 2010 and joined the forum on 2011 (spending time creating multi-accounts each time I get banned lmao but eventually all of those accounts were massively unbanned around 2013 but I decided to create a new one, which I am using right now)

I'm not that much active in the game anymore but I feel happy with the way how my life is going right now, though of course I remember the memories I had with this game

Originally Posted by SpaceX View Post
Where's your girlfriend from Stunt Planet - 2009?
I never had a girlfriend during that time, probably just some poser girl trying to pretend lols, I had encountered tons of them way around 2010-2012
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