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Thumbs up [RC5] SA-MP 0.3e RC Script - Test all new 0.3e features!

SA-MP 0.3e RC Testing Script

To be updated with further 0.3e RC stadiums!

  • Added /vehicleinfo command to get information about a certain model ID
  • Added /changetexture command to change the texture of the editable object near the spawn
  • Added the new objects
  • Updated the /changelog
  • Updated the /helo dialog to show the new commands
IMPORTANT: Please re-read the installation!

  • Fixed mistake in /help which was giving the credits for the "flymode" FS to Kalcor instead of h02
  • Updated the /changelog

  • Added the new objects
  • Added textdraws for the new textdraw functions
  • Added flymode support (FS by Kalcor, coming with the new RC4 server)
  • Updated help and changelog and added a dialog for flymode help

What is this about?

This is a simple gamemode which contains all new functions and objects that have been added during the RC stage of SA-MP 0.3e. Most of the things are located at LS Pershing Square and you can easily walk around, try the features and look at the objects. This gamemode contains:
  • All new objects + labels for every object, displaying ID, name and in which RC state it was added.
  • A player object on which the new object editor and all similar functions can be tested on
  • All new 0.3e camera movements, including a "first person view"
  • A few NRGs located at LS Pershing Square so you can drive around and try the first person view in a vehicle (idea by Kar)
  • A /help dialog showing all available commands at one look
  • A /changelog dialog showing you all thanges that have been made to SA-MP during the RC stage
However, please keep in mind that this gamemode isn't a script to play on. It's only for testing proposes so you can try out the new features, not to make a server out of it. As soon as a new RC version/new features are published, I will edit this gamemode!

Note: You need at least SA-MP 0.3e RC6 server or higher to be able to use this script.
  1. Download the latest version
  2. Paste the file into your server's gamemodes directory (same with the .amx file, if you download it)
  3. Compile the script
  4. In your server.cfg, change the gamemode name to "03escriptRC6"
  5. In your server.cfg, add "attachments" and "flymode" to the filterscripts line (these filterscripts come with the 0.3e server)



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