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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3b R2 client/server update

I upgraded to SA-MP 0.3b R2 yesterday, and as usual have experienced no problems with the client (excluding the connection bug.)

I got to be one of the people who tested out the RC versions of SA-MP 0.3b (except SA-MP 0.3b RC5, as I didn't learn of its release until after I learned of SA-MP 0.3b's release.) I would not have used the RC versions of SA-MP 0.3b, but the owner of a server I play on decided to test out his server's script with the SA-MP 0.3b RC versions of the server software. I didn't want to wait until SA-MP 0.3b was released, so I used the RC versions of SA-MP 0.3b. The software was stable, and I never crashed once, although some people did report crashes.

I did experience the connection bug like in previous versions of SA-MP, but using a workaround method I know of - pressing the ESC key after SA-MP says it is trying to connect to the server, then leaving the pause menu after 10 seconds - worked perfectly.

I would like to thank the SA-MP development team for their work, and look forward to further releases of the program.
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