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Default Re: Anti Query Flood for Windows

Originally Posted by Jovazxc View Post

Hi guys, here's my plugin that detects query flood and bans the attacker, this plugin needs Windows Vista or greater, Windows Server 2008 or greater and administrator rights.

This plugin only works in SA-MP Server 0.3x, R1-2 and R2 because this plugin does memory hacking, if this is approved by Kalcor, I will go to update this to each version.

Don't forget to activate the Windows firewall

I've done a special version for everyone to help me to upgrade the plugin, and some other people have fun clicking.. (firewall_debug.dll)

  • 30/05/2013 - v1.1
    • Now supports the fist version of 0.3x and later will support linux, if you download the source code you will see some code snippets for linux support
    • The limit of querys in 6 seconds now is 353, the record is by Edugta.
  • 23/12/2013 - v1.1
    • Now supports SA-MP 0.3x R2
    • Query limit set to 350

Downloads: (Dropbox)
Binary: firewall.dll

My server is 0.3DL, the plugin that you have put is 0.3.7.

the console leaves " - Your version of SA-MP is not supported."

please could place a plugins for windows compatible with version 0.3.DL
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