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Default Re: [REL] SA:MP MySQL Plugin 1.0

Originally Posted by Dreft
It crashes on a long row which is taken with mysql_fetch_field. Row is ~1050 symbols lenght.
I will check that right now. Thanks.


Ok, I've tested it with 3000 characters and the plugin worked fine, I then tried to print the row and that is what crashed it. So make sure you're not printing a row with ~1500 characters in it.
Also, make sure your buffer string that your saving the row to is ~1500 characters because that would cause a crash.

Originally Posted by Jay_
Nice work. Just a question though, what makes this plugin better than this one? It may have some extra natives, but it lacks something performance wise which makes G-sTyLeZzZ's version outrank yours: a threaded callback.
The reason for me creating this plugin is to let SA:MP have the most stable plugin, because the other 2 MySQL plugins that are released indeed have bugs and those bugs haven't been fixed yet. And these bugs were found many months ago....

So no, my plugin doesn't have a threaded callback, but, I wouldn't want to add that because that's unique to G-Stylezzz plugin, and in my opinion that would just cause trouble to be copying features from others.

This was also created for speed, as far as I know, its faster than adrenaline-dj's plugin (haven't tested g-stylezzz plugin yet) but i did some testing on my plugin and it takes arround 1.0 to 1.3 seconds to execute 5,000,000 (5 million) mysql_fetch_row's. I tested the same on adrenaline-dj's plugin, and it crashed.
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