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Default Re: /changename /clearchat cmds

Originally Posted by Notis123 View Post
OMFG then every play would change another player name without being admin duuuuuuuuuh
Mastermids those days
No he want it for admins only as Normal people do.
I know a few server's that allows every player to change their name thats why I'm asking.

pawn Code:
CMD:changename(playerid, params[])
    if(!IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)) return SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"You are not an admin!");
    new pID, pOldName[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], pNewName[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], string[128];
    if(sscanf(params, "us[24]", pID, pNewName)) return SendClientMessage(playerid,-1, "Usage: /changename ID NewName");
    format(string, sizeof(string), "You have set %s(%d) name to: %s", pOldName, pID, pNewName);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, string);
    return 1;
Notice: The code above is not tested but it should work.
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