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Default Re: Re : /changename /clearchat cmds

Originally Posted by Amine_Mejrhirrou View Post
for( new i = 0; i < 25; i ++ )
      			SendClientMessageToAll( 0x33FF33AA, " " );
		      	GameTextForAll("~b~Chat cleared!", 3, 1);
this is faster
The looping instruction would output content within the compound statement until it has been fulfilled.

pawn Code:
for(new i;i<25;i++) SendClientMessageToAll(-1, " ");
GameTextForAll("~b~Chat cleared!", 3, 1);

Originally Posted by Notis123 View Post
OMFG then every play would change another player name without being admin duuuuuuuuuh
Mastermids those days
No he want it for admins only as Normal people do.
The OP hasn't specified his purpose nor intentions for use of the command, just help regarding it's creation. If the command was to be used for this purpose (admins), Fj0rtizFredde post is valid.
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